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High performance,
every day

We select Dryarn® and Q-Skin® yarns: 100% Made in Italy yarns used to withstand stress, moisture and wear from intense physical activity.
High performance, insulating, breathable and lightweight materials for maximum comfort and agility.
These synthetic yarns insulate the body more than wool. They do not get soaked like cotton and keep the body dry, giving a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Yarns with outstanding features

Effective thermal insulation
Maximum breathability
Low heat waste
Moisture absorption
Extreme lightness
Effective bacteriostatic control
Reduction of bad smells
Super resistance to washing
Maximum lasting
Comfort and softness

Seamless technology

No seams,
no boundaries

Seamless technology makes it possible to produce garments without side seams in contact with the skin.
The particular weave of the yarns allows the fabric to expand in both ways, horizontally and vertically, so that it shapes itself according to the shape of the body, wrapping it gently.
The absence of seams avoids the appearance of annoying marks on the skin, making the garments comfortable in any situation and allowing total freedom of movement.


tested and certified

Our yarns are dermatologically tested to guarantee a safe product even to people with sensitive skin or who suffer from skin allergies.

All Dr.Walt products are OEKO-TEX® certified according to STANDARD 100, which means that they do not contain harmful substances for the skin or man in general. In addition to being hypoallergenic, all Q-Skin® tissues are subjected to a permanent bacteriostatic to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and the consequent spread of bad smells.