Breathable technical underwear for everyday wear with unparalleled comfort

Design excellence and entirely Made in Italy technologies come together in our garments, creating products that are ideal for every day needs. T-shirts, tank tops, boxers and briefs offer comfort and breathability in every season, thanks to the thermoregulating fabric they are made of.

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ImpercettibileUNDETECTABLENo side seams for total discretion under any garment.
ResistenteRESISTANTThe quality of the garments remains intact even after frequent washing for greater sustainability against waste.
Traspirante e termoregolanteBREATHABLE AND THERMOREGULATINGBreathable yarns keep the skin dry and thermoregulated in all seasons.
ElasticoELASTIC The fabric adheres perfectly to the body for greater comfort and freedom of movement.

Your second skin

Using Seamless technology, i.e. without side seams, the yarns adapt to the body in a bidirectional manner, hugging the shape without squeezing or leaving marks. No label to avoid unpleasant skin irritation.
Dr.Walt underwear for men is characterised by its thinness and lightness to the touch and in contact with the skin. It folds easily and takes up little space. It also dries quickly and does not require ironing.

The selection of hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex® certified yarns makes Dr.Walt underwear also ideal for those with sensitive skin or skin allergies. In addition, the gusset of briefs and boxer shorts has bacteriostatic properties that effectively inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.

canottiera uomo

Innovative yarns

Our men’s products are created with Dryarn® and Q-SKIN® fibres, originally conceived for sportswear, which are characterised by their ability to withstand frequent washing and retain their shape over time.

Dryarn® Dryarn® is a polypropylene fibre that is more breathable than polyester, more insulating than wool and lighter than any other fibre.
Q-SKIN®Q-SKIN® is a polyamide fibre with silver ions that regulate bacterial growth and reduce odours.

intimo funzionale

Functional underwear

Thanks to the vanisé processing technique, which combines two yarns, the men’s underwear has a thermoregulating effect: the bacteriostatic Q-SKIN® polyamide yarn transports moisture from the skin to the outside of the fabric, preventing unpleasant odours, while the Dryarn® polypropylene fibre on the inside ensures that the skin always stays dry in all seasons.

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